5 Secrets of the Relentless

On September 12, 2016 by Physical Culturist

By: Dani Shugart

5. They Choose Their Idée Fixe

Idée fixe is a French term meaning “a preoccupation of the mind.” The dedicated have chosen what to be preoccupied with.

This might look like “obsession,” which has become a negative thing among those who lack passion or think complacency is acceptable. But those who are relentless don’t give a crap if they look obsessed to outsiders.

Some people obsess over video games, collecting stamps, hoarding cats, or collecting Star Wars memorabilia. The relentless have chosen to be “obsessed” with building muscle, working hard, and practicing discipline.

Call them shallow. Call them weird. Call them selfish. But you also have to call them successful. And what better thing to invest in than your health?

Be Relentless:

Relentlessness isn’t about destructive behavior, being a martyr, a bad father, or a reckless employee in order to become more muscular. It’s about taking care of yourself in order to live better and serve others better.

It’s self-improvement, life-improvement, and taking constructive action when times get rough.

Can the relentless pursuit of muscle and health mess people up and make their lives worse? Well, if you go about it like a jackass, anything can make your life worse.

You don’t have to sacrifice your relationships, long term health, sanity, or faith in order to love working out and eating well. You just have to believe in your potential, take the onus to do something about it, and trust that your hard work will pay off.

It’ll require you to reject the temptation to coddle the discipline out of your life or waste time being offended by critics. But the world will end up with a better version of you, and instead of being subdued by potential failures you’ll be emboldened by them.

Let’s embolden ourselves. Let’s be relentless.

source: T-Nation

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