7 Unusual Fat Loss Methods, Backed by Science

On March 22, 2016 by Physical Culturist

1. Clean Your Dang House

Cleaning up your house makes it easier to clean up your eating. You’ve probably sensed this, and now one study backs it up: a chaotic environment and an out-of-control mindset can wreck your diet.

Researchers split 100 participants into two groups. One group was taken to a clean kitchen, the other group was taken to a chaotic kitchen. The participants in the clean kitchen were told to write about a time when they felt in control. The ones in the dirty kitchen were told to write about a time when they felt out-of-control. Both groups were offered cookies.

The group in the clean kitchen ate fewer cookies. Messy kitchen participants consumed more than twice as many calories as the clean kitchen participants.

But you don’t need a study to tell you that stress makes eating crap really easy. As any stress-eater knows, your surroundings and mindset contribute to your behavior around food. De-cluttering is a great way of de-stressing your environment. If an out-of-control mindset is what’s making you turn to food, then taking action is the best way of gaining back control.

Clean your kitchen. Organize your fridge. Tidy up your office. Keep the house from building up stressful clutter. And don’t let the inside of your car get mucked up either. This is important if you tend to grab food on the go. Test it out and you might be mentally prepared to make the best choices given your circumstances.

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