Are You Skinny Fat?

On February 2, 2015 by Physical Culturist

By: buynongmoseeds

Are You Skinny Fat?

We have all heard of skinny and we have all heard of fat, but did you know you could be both at the same time? I know, I know it sounds strange, but you will find that it sounds more familiar than you think!

The medical term, for being ‘skinny fat’, is known as metabolically obese normal weight, which means you are under lean but over fat-not enough muscles and too much fat. 68 percent of the American population are overweight, and most have the diabesity, being somewhere between pre-diabetes to Type 2 diabetes. 1 in 4 skinny people have pre-diabetes and are “metabolically obese”.

Body type

  • Thin in clothes, but flab without clothes
  • Cheerio sized wrists
  • Weak, non-muscles, arms
  • Love handles, lower stomach, and lower chest accumulate fat
  • Dilapidated deltoids
  • Wide waist
  • Sunken upper chest

4 out of 10 normal weight/skinny kids have one or more pre-diabetes signs like high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or high cholesterol. Insulin stores belly fat and can lead to hormonal and metabolic changes that can cause loss of muscle mass and inflammation which can irritate the symptoms of pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes.

There are important blood tests that should be done:

  • Fasting blood sugar or glucose
  • Triglycerides
  • HDL
  • Blood pressure
  • Insulin response test
  • NMR Lipid Particle Test

How do you cure being ‘skinny fat’?

  1. Low-glycemic load diet
    Eating lean animal protein such as chicken, fish, and eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, vegetables, fruit, and small amounts of gluten-free grains.
  2. More protein
    You need protein in each meal because this helps the metabolism work harder and cuts hunger.
  3. Don’t drink calories
    No soda, juices, sweetened drinks and no more than 3-4 glasses of wine or alcohol a week.
  4. No white flour
    Avoid using or consuming white flour including gluten-free flour.
  5. Watch out for MSG
    MSG acts as food flavoring that can make you addicted to that food.
  6. Look out for GMOs
    GMOs hide in plants
  7. Oil change
    Incorporate more omega-3 fats into your diet and decrease the amount of refined and processed vegetable oils.
  8. Exercising
    Cardio [high-intensity] builds fitness and improves metabolism, and strength training builds muscles.
  9. Supplements
    Taking supplements is a great way to make up for the missing nutrients in the body.
  10. More sleep
    You need to sleep more to keep the body healthy. Sleep deprivation alters the metabolism and increases unhealthy food cravings.


Article Source: buynongmoseeds

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