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TIP: How To Determine If An Egg Is Fresh

On October 25, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Here’s something interesting we found on the internet. It shows you how to tell how fresh an egg is by placing it in a clear bowl of water. The position of the egg...

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The Eating Habits of Pro Bodybuilders

On October 17, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Below is an infographic illustrating the eating habits of pro bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler, Lee Haney, and Ronnie Coleman.

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Eggs – An Excellent Food for Lifters

On October 13, 2013 by Physical Culturist

How many eggs do you eat per day? Do you eat them raw? cooked? Do you isolate the yolk? Let us know how you eat your eggs! 🙂

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On October 9, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Aspartame is linked to Leukemia and Lymphoma. See the infographic for more information!

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8 Amazing Health Benefits of Watermelon (livelovefruit)

On October 2, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Summer is the time to indulge in fresh, succulent juicy melon when they are in season and deliver an array of nutrients, vitamin and minerals. It is also incredibly hydrating (up to 92%...

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Too many Hotdogs Can Increase the Chance of Leukemia

On September 27, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Below is some important information about hotdogs! Video: You are 7 times more likely to get a brain tumor by just eating 1 hot dog per week vs. using a cell phone. source:...

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The Benefnits of Oil of Oregano

On September 18, 2013 by Physical Culturist

If you are on the go, or feel under the weather. One of the BEST and most effective herbs to use is Oil of Oregano. It is portable and easy to use…. It...

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Butter is Better – The Diet Dictocrats Told Us To Drop Butter and Look What Happened

On September 12, 2013 by Physical Culturist

(PreventDisease) The Diet Dictocrats told us to drop butter decades ago and switch to a so-called healthier substitute called margarine made with what they claimed would be less harmful polyunsaturated fats. Their promise...

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The Amino Acid Arginine Found To Be As Effective As Drugs For Glucose Metabolism And Type 2 Diabetes

On September 11, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Supplementation with the amino acid arginine could help to improve glucose metabolism by as much as 40%, according to new research in mice. The study shows that supplementation with the amino acid significantly...

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Protein for Breakfast

On September 2, 2013 by Physical Culturist

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Lack of Sleep Leads to Sugar Cravings

On August 27, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Have you ever noticed how you crave sugar when you haven’t had enough sleep? Here’s why! Information by courtesy of Ameer Rosic!

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Sandow Wisdom – Nutrition

On July 9, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Some words of wisdom about nutrition from the father of bodybuilding, Eugen Sandow! – written in 1894!

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Western vs. Eastern Medicine

On June 27, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Western medicine sees the body as a machine, where you try to fix a broken part or take it out. In Eastern Medicine, the body is seen as a garden. If the leaves...

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Natural Cures

On June 26, 2013 by Physical Culturist

source: Common ailments normally respond very well to the treatment with herbal remedies and fruit and vegetables. Using alternative means to treat your ailments is a common practice in all areas of...

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What Your Food Cravings Really Mean

On June 1, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Here’s a pretty cool table that shows how certain cravings for food are an indication of nutritional deficiencies. Refer to this table below to see what your food cravings are telling you! source:...

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Health Benefits of Creatine

On May 15, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Creatine is not Steroids! Although athletes use creatine to increase their performance, there are countless studies proving that regular folks can benefit from creatine supplementation as well! Creatine is one of the most...

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Health Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements

On May 12, 2013 by Physical Culturist

The use of protein supplements have been associated with bodybuilders and other athletes. There is more research coming out that shows that protein supplements such as WHEY provides many health benefits for non-athletes...

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German Proverb

On May 8, 2013 by Physical Culturist

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Health Benefits of Bacon

On May 2, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Top 10 Reasons Bacon Is Actually HEALTHY For You! OK, well, the extremely biased opinions of the various “beef boards, fish factions, and chicken coalition’s” have had their free reign for the last...

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Nutrition (George Hackenschmidt, 1908)

On January 4, 2013 by Physical Culturist

I believe I am right in asserting that our Creator has provided food and nutriment for every being for its own advantage. Man is born without frying-pan or stewpot. The purest natural food...

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