Lift Weights to Lose Weight

On November 10, 2013 by Physical Culturist

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The Squat: The Universal Movement

On November 9, 2013 by Matthew Chan

The Squat is a universal movement that all physical art forms share in one form or another. Various forms of the squat are used in martial arts, combat, dancing, yoga, qigong, gymnastics, aerobics,...

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Why Ladies Should Lift Weights (by Neghar Fonooni)

On November 4, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Written by: Neghar Fonooni, Fitocracy You won’t get big and bulky and you won’t turn into a she-hulk. But you will gain confidence, self-esteem and a bangin’ body. How do I know? Six...

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Why Squatting Makes You Better At Life

On October 29, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Originally written by: Squat More Weightlifting Squatting is more than an exercise, it is a natural motion of the human body. It is how we can stretch our legs out from standing too...

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10 Rules of Life and Lifting

On October 10, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Below is some great advice written by Brook Kubik, the father of Dinosaur Training!

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Why Women Should Squat

On October 7, 2013 by Physical Culturist

(GymFlow100) We all know that lots of guys out there are not working their legs, and that’s why we have so many gym memes making fun of them. So if guys are not...

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Sternum Chin-Ups (by

On September 22, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Here’s a variation of the pull/chin-up you can try! Here’s one for advanced lifters only. The sternum chin-up was first introduced by Vince Gironda many moons ago. Why haven’t you ever seen it...

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Benefits of Physical Training During Pregnancy

On September 19, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Online Storm rages after 8 1/2 month pregnant mum posts photos of her weight lifting. Lea-Ann Ellison Aged 35 from Los Angeles has been a keen crossfitter for 2.5 years, she already has...

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Running Makes You Fat

On September 17, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Written by Chris Shugart. Source: Testosterone Nation Sandra is running on the treadmill when I arrive at the gym. She’s covered in sweat and her running form is starting to deteriorate. “Man,” I...

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The Importance of Bicep Training

On September 17, 2013 by Physical Culturist

For those of us who need an excuse to do curls for the gurls. BICEPS POWER written by by Doug Daniels source: Powerlifting USA Magazine, May 2010 – Vol. 33 No. 7 This...

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Frank Zane – Training Advice

On September 14, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Some training advice from legendary bodybuilder, Frank Zane. Feel free to check out our FRANK ZANE Tribute Shirts! –

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George Hackenschmidt – Breathing Through The Nose

On August 31, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Do you breathe through your nose when lifting?

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John McCallum’s Take on The Importance of Lifting Heavy Things

On August 30, 2013 by Physical Culturist

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10 Clues Someone Doesn’t Know Squat about Training!

On July 29, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Here are the top 10 things that somebody says when they don’t know SQUAT about physical training! Read More @ Brooks Kubik, Dinosaur Training Blog:

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George Hackenschmidt’s Schedule for the Busy Worker

On July 10, 2013 by Physical Culturist

“We will, in the first instance, take the class of workers who pass most of the day behind a desk or counter, or otherwise indoors in a more or less sedentary position, or...

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George Hackenschmidt’s Daily Schedule for Health and Physical Fitness

On July 8, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Written by physical culturist, George Hackenschmidt in his book, “The Way to Live in Health and Physical Fitness” (1908). Written by physical culturist, George Hackenschmidt in his book, “The Way to Live...

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You’re As Old As Your Legs (by Brooks Kubik)

On July 1, 2013 by Physical Culturist

(by Brooks Kubik) “John Grimek did plenty of heavy squats in his 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. He said he did them to keep his legs straight — and there’s a lot of truth...

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Jettison Barbell Curl Technique For Bigger Arms!

On June 28, 2013 by Physical Culturist

For those of you who have hit a plateau with their arm growth. Here’s an interesting technique you can try! NOTE: I recommend this only for experienced trainees. Novice lifters can still get...

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7 Tips from Dave Tate

On June 26, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Here are 7 tips that you can use for instant results, by Dave Tate–founder of Elite Fitness Systems. These tips were posted on Testosterone Nation’s facebook page.

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Top 10 Things That Work

On June 18, 2013 by Physical Culturist

By Brook Kubik, at Dinosaur Training Blog:

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