Colds Are Caused By Conflicts

On March 1, 2015 by Physical Culturist

By: Renee Kirsten

Colds Are Caused By Conflicts

According to German New Medicine it is not a coincidence when you get sick with a cold. The cold is linked to events in your current life, and not the ones you are thinking about. Washing your hands and eating foods with vitamin C are good for you but those are not the events I am talking about.

What researchers have found is that there are two main phases of being sick. There is the conflict-active phase and the vagotonic healing process. Most researchers and medical professionals are only aware of the second part because that is where all the negative symptoms such as runny nose, fever and cough are taking place.

Colds Are Caused By Conflicts

In the conflict-active phase our body is reacting to the conflict we are experiencing. This can be an event in your life such as a pet dying, losing your job, or it can be an emotional cause such as fighting with your spouse or being overly stressed at work.

The reason this makes sense is when these types of stressors are actively going on you are in fight or flight mode. During fight or flight you are performing in survival mode in order to handle the conflict. If you are in survival mode for too long you can end up having a back lash or recovery phase from that conflict.

Imagine you are running fast and hard until you are out of energy. What happens after that? Typically you are tired, needing water or maybe food. Perhaps the next day you are sore as your muscles recover from the run. In that same way after an event that creates stress, be it emotional or physical, you may find yourself in a healing phase in order to recover from that conflict.

Typically the healing phase will come in either two ways. The first is that you resolve the conflict: for example by either by talking with the person you are mad at, get your car fixed, or take that test at school that you have been studying for. After the conflict is resolved your body goes into some much needed recovery work.

The Second way you enter the healing phase is that your body becomes so exhausted from the conflict that you collapse from the stress and pressure of what you are carrying. This is your body forcing you to rest so that it can heal enough to handle the continuous conflict it is in. As you can imagine this second one is dangerous because if the conflict isn’t resolved the cycle repeats and you will get sick again. Long term repeating cycles such as this may manifest in serious illnesses that may even disable us.

Even if we are feeling fine in this moment we may still be in the conflict-active phase. That is why we need to listen to our bodies, take good care of them and recognise that emotions are apart of the warning system our body has in place to keep itself healthy and strong. Listen to your feelings. You wouldn’t ignore the signs of a heart attack right? Then why are you ignoring your anxiety, sadness or anger?

I have found in my life that I am continuously needing to reevaluate how many hours I am working, what I am eating, and how I am interacting with people. When I meditate I need to be more honest with myself about what I am really feeling. I practice by asking myself questions: Who do I need to reach out to? What do I need to do to keep my mind and body balanced? Maybe I need to play, or exercise, or have a loving conversation with a friend.

We are whole beings and in order to be complete we need to start looking at our lives from as many angles as we can find. Try to take a look at the patterns of your life and see if you can find a correlation with illness and events in your life. If your family experiences a trauma and then everyone gets diarrhea, this is a sign.

Are you experiencing illness? I would strongly recommend following the German New Medicine research of Dr Frank Hamer. He has some incredible documents on cancer and major illnesses that everyone needs to know about.

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article source: Spirit Science

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