Franco Columbu’s Top 10 Training Secrets

On July 4, 2014 by Physical Culturist

by Franco Columbu


1. Do not let the amount of the weight you are going to lift scare you. Concentrate on what you are doing. Keep correct lifting form. Then go ahead and lift with full power. Be sure that all the muscles are warmed up first.


2. Remember that in power lifting several muscle groups are involved. Contract each muscle group and use them all in lifting. This will avoid injuries. never do any lifting unless you realize which muscles are involved, then use them all.


3. Before going to the gym avoid eating sugar, especially refined sugar products. Sugar gives only temporary energy. It is better to eat some natural carbohydrates with some fats as this body fuel. Your energy will last longer, and you will have increased power. Do not try to train when hungry or after a filling meal.


4. In my opinion, the best time to train is between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. However, if you are working and unable to train at this time, it is better for you to eat a light meal, then rest for an hour before going to the gym. You will be refreshed and feel as though it is the next day.


5. The body has many cycles. When your energy level is low, don’t force yourself during a training session. In a couple of days you will feel better, and then you will be able to train with full power even forcing yourself to do more.


6. It is best to have the muscles covered during a training session. They must be kept warm. Then they will correspond better to training. A sweat suit is good for this purpose. In power training it is not necessary to look at yourself. Just concentrate on how much you are lifting.


7. Listen to your mind, and don’t let the educated brain get in the way. You have an inner intelligence which always directs you in the right way. Learn to respect and listen to your inner self.


8. Have a specific routine for eating, sleeping and training. It is best to train at the same time each day. If you follow a regular routine during the week, you can rest and relax on the weekends. The body also needs to rejuvenate itself and cannot be forced constantly.


9. After training, rest a short time, then eat. It is best to eat a heavier high protein meal at this time. See my nutrition book for the proper diet.


10. During a training session stop and go outside the gym and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Then go back inside and complete training with renewed vigor.


source: Franco Columbu

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