How to Preserve Health & Attain Strength (Eugen Sandow, 1894)

On January 1, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Written by Eugen Sandow (Father of Modern Bodybuilding).
Originally written for Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1894 and reprinted in ‘Strength & Health’ December 1940.

eugen sandow flexing bicep

Health is a man’s birthright. It is a state in which all the functions are exerted with regularity and harmony. Perfection of health is purely an idea, and is never actually attained; for an examination of the bodies of the healthiest person has revealed lesions of some kind. The tendency to health is a universal law of organic life, whether vegetable or animal. It is as natural to be well as to be.

Strength is the ability to do and bear. Strength and health should be synonymous with life, and the first step toward their acquisition is knowledge of physiology and anatomy. I regret to find in this country, with its wonderful system of public schools, so little time devoted to these studies. To me they seem quite as essential as mathematics, and far more important astronomy which, I learn, receive an equal amount of attention.


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