The Genetic Benefits of Eating Beef

On July 14, 2017 by Physical Culturist

By: Carl Lanore, Super Human Radio

Patrik Dahlin appeared on Super Human Radio last week and discussed a meta-analysis he authored comparing the health outcomes from adherence to a vegan/vegetarian diet –vs- an omnivorous diet (that entire interview can be heard here). Many shocking things came from that discussion. The meta-analysis included over a quarter of a million human subjects.

It is clear that the vegan/vegetarians of the world do not fare any better, and, in many cases, worse than their meat-eating brethren when it comes to health and longevity outcomes. Sorry it’s just the truth.

What was more shocking was what was revealed at the end of the interview about the potential genetic benefits of eating beef. There’s a new one for you. Something GOOD actually attributed to eating beef. Please don’t tell Beyoncé and Jay Z.

This 6 minute video below focuses specifically on this information. How eating beef effects your telomeres. Yep… those darn telomeres. Longer ones are associated with beter aging and longevity. The whole world is all about keeping telomeres long these days. If you’re one of those people.. You’ll either enjoy this interview or hate it some much you’ll want to scream. Just depends on whether or not you eat beef.

And as promised here’s the White Paper


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