What’s Wrong With Men Today?

On October 6, 2015 by Physical Culturist

by Jon Haas, WarriorFitness.org

What's Wrong With Men Today? Is Weakness A Crime?


There’s no denying it, men as a whole are getting weaker. To our own detriment as a society, as a nation, and as a world, we are progressively getting more and more comfortable with our weakness. It has become habitual for us , and what is habitual becomes normal. But to be weak is not normal nor natural and should never be accepted as such. The sad fact though is that it’s now considered almost abnormal to see a man in good physical condition over 40. Sometimes even over 30.

How did this happen?

When did this happen?

Why did we as a society allow this to happen?

We may be inclined to think that this is a fairly recent problem for modern man, but it’s been slowly creeping up on us for some time now. If fact, Bernarr Macfadden (1868 -1955), considered to be the father of physical culture, was once quoted as saying, “Weakness, a crime.” And this was back in the early 1900’s! How much further into decline have we come over a century later?

This weakness is a very real and insidious threat that imperils our very nature as men. At no other time in history have we struggled with such a threat to our health, well being, and strength. We may have battled it for generations, as evidenced by Macfadden’s quote above, but as our lives have evolved to become more and more comfortable and convenient, and our jobs have become more and more sedentary, it’s evident that the critical time for us is right now.

Our physical power has dwindled.

Our once naturally strong, rugged muscular physiques have become flabby and weak.

Our birthright as powerful physical beings is being lost and yet we sit here doing nothing.

So, what are we going to do about it?

To start, let’s rephrase Macfadden’s quote. Instead of chastising ourselves by calling weakness a crime, let’s call the ability to be strong for ourselves and our loved ones a responsibility.

You say you have no time to exercise? I’m calling bullsh*t on you. Make time. Realize that it’s important. Reorganize, re-prioritize, and get it done.
You have no energy to exercise? Start with mobility. Go for a walk. Breathe deeply. Begin anywhere, from any point.

You say you’re injured? Work around it. Knee hurts? Work your arms and core. Shoulder in pain? Work your legs and core. Be smart, but be creative. Mobilize your body to help heal it.

So How am I Going to Help You?

I have created a completely unique Strong(er) Over 40 Coaching Program that will provide you with the exact fitness, nutritional, and mindset blueprint that you need to follow to get stronger, build more muscle, have more energy, increase flexibility and mobility, and continue to be healthier as you get older!

Weakness may not be a crime, but I do believe Strength is your ethical duty and obligation as a man!

Fill out the form below. Take advantage of it and start your path to strength and health today!

Start now. Take action today – there’s power in it!

source: WarriorFitness.org

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