Health Benefits of Whey Protein Supplements

On May 12, 2013 by Physical Culturist

The use of protein supplements have been associated with bodybuilders and other athletes. There is more research coming out that shows that protein supplements such as WHEY provides many health benefits for non-athletes as well!

health benefits of whey protein powder supplements

The History of Whey

Whey is a natural substance, the liquid part of fresh milk that is left over from the making of cheese, and has been used for health related reasons for more than 24 centuries. Hippocrates (446-337 BC), the father of medicine, prescribed it to his patients. Following him, Galen (131 BC-200BC), another founding father of medicine,advised his patients to use whey.Since then, it has been a recommended substance for improving health in many different regions of the world.

In 1749, a patient, who could not be cured by his doctors, went to the Swissmountain village of Gais where he was healed by drinking whey on a daily basis. Word spread and people flocked to Gais to benefit from the miraculous properties of whey protein. A health spa was soon opened in this tiny village, followed by more than 160 spas across Switzerland, Austria and Germany. These spas were most active throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth century, catering to emperors and aristocrats from all across Europe.

Liquid whey is an extremely perishable beverage which must be consumed within 10 hours, so the eighteenth century health spas employed a carefully timed system. Whey that had been prepared late at night by remote mountain cheese makers was then carried to the spas to arrive before dawn. Now, thanks to the fabrication of whey protein in powder form, its benefits are available to everyone.

However, much of the whey available in packaged form today is adulterated and chemically treated, and has lost its healing properties. This is why it is important to read labels rather than marketing, making sure that your supplements do not contain any additives, dyes, preservatives, heavy metals, artificial flavorings, or any other harmful ingredients.

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