Why Women Should Squat

On October 7, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Why Women Should Squat Heavy Weights

(GymFlow100) We all know that lots of guys out there are not working their legs, and that’s why we have so many gym memes making fun of them. So if guys are not doing squats, imagine just how many women are doing this complex and quite difficult exercise. But this has to change because there are many benefits that squats may bring you!

5 Reasons Why Women Should Squat:

Reason #1: A Sexy Posterior

They say that an image makes 1000 words, so here is the first reason why all women should squat:

Reason #2: A Strong & Toned Body

Squats don’t work just your quads and glutes, but they also involve your hamstrings, your calves, your lower back and even your abs. They increase your testosterone level (in small quantities, of course) meaning that you will tone and develop your entire body. They will also improve your cardiovascular system preventing you from having a stroke, becoming obese or having other common health problems of our days.

Reason #3: You Will Burn More Fat

Just by simply performing this complex exercise with weights you will burn a good amount of calories, much more compared to other legs exercises such as the “legs extensions”. As we said earlier, squats help you develop overall muscle mass (don’t thing of a huge female bodybuilder but rather a fit & sexy girl) and muscles by definition burn more calories, even while at rest.

Reason #4: You Will Prevent Injuries

Squats not only strengthen your muscles, but also your joints and ligaments. They improve the balance and flexibility of your ankles, your knees, hips and back, thus reducing the risk of injuries.

Reason #5: Better Physical Shape and Performance

The squat is a functional exercise that will help you deal with the daily life challenges more easily. Besides this, it also improves physical shape and overall performance, helping you run faster and jump higher (in case you ever come across these challenges).

So there you go…five great reasons that we hope will convince you to include squats in all of your legs workouts!

text source: GymFlow100

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