Factually, there is a connection between your mind and muscles. If you do not believe me then I am about to convince you!

Peary Rader, the producer of Iron Man Magazine, used to write about physical culture in the 20th century. In one of his works, Rader insisted that the mind was a powerful addition when it came to training.

I’ll give an example of a German physical culturist from the 19th century, Maxick, who could lift up to 165 pounds with one hand and hand press 230 pounds on the other. 

The answer that Maxick gave after being questioned about his strength was that the mind is more powerful than what we perceive. More and more strength performers like Eugene Sandow also suggested that it is essential to concentrate the mind when straining your muscles. 

Another performer who was victorious in almost every competition and also helped many trainers to enhance their fitness routine was Arnold. He also suggested that the mind and bodybuilding always go hand in hand.

Even though all these successful and famous physical culturists argued that there is a connection between the mind and our muscles, today’s fitness world doesn’t practice this. They are probably missing a lot when it comes to concentrating whilst training.

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