The very first fitness app, Fit Phone, was created in 2010 even though it was later removed from the app store. 

As more and more fitness apps were created, the developers began charging anyone who wanted to use them. Unfortunately, not so many users were willing to purchase the apps, so free-to-use apps were developed. As a result, so much money was lost.

So, what did the developers of these apps do to avoid losing money? They basically invented various methods to force users to make a purchase like selling products that would be used together with the app.

This method did not work as effectively as expected, so the development added ads, which complicated everything. So, they later limited the free functions of the apps and created premium memberships to access other features. 

Currently, this has worked out great since developers earn money and users get to enjoy the best fitness activities to improve their physique. But due to technological advancements, today’s fitness apps incorporate fitness, lifestyle, and wellness to advocate for healthy living.

The best thing about fitness apps that is probably enticing more people to use them is the community feature where you can share and compare your progress with others, upload your information on social media platforms, and so much more.

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