Detox means getting rid of any impurities or toxins in your body. Every region in this world has its own belief and history about detox. Like when you look at China’s traditional medical practices, which include acupuncture and cupping. It is believed that these can allow energy to flow freely as well as treat COPD, pain, and insomnia.

India is no different with their detoxification practice including Ayurvedic medicine, which has a program known as Pancha Karma. Next, we have Turkey and Mongolia with their detox practice based on restricting certain diets. These include dairy, salt, gluten, sugar, alcohol, oil, and meat.

70s Detoxification Practices

People from this time thought that detox was related to cleansing drugs and alcohol use. Therefore, people would either be imprisoned or treated. But before the 70s, detox wasn’t about cleansing drugs and alcohol consumption so people who indulged were immediately jailed.

How About Today’s Detox?

The healthiest and simplest way to detox your body today is through natural detox kits. These contain vegetable and fruit enzymes that clean your digestive tract and allow your body to work the way it is supposed to.

In addition, it is possible that we will gain more benefits in the future with the innovation of digital detox. As a result, we may have time to relax more, meditate, and explore nature.

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