It’s fascinating to see how many different researchers have studied muscle-building methods throughout history. Now, this is where creatine comes in, which is a compound that is found in the muscles of our bodies and also in the brain. Creatine is also found in red meat or seafood.

The first person to extract creatine from meat was a French scientist and philosopher, called Michel Eugene Chevreul, in the year 1832. Following this, he named the extract creatine, which is a Greek word that means meat.

From there on, numerous researchers began studying more about creatine. For instance, it was Justus von Liebig who discovered that you can also extract creatine from animals and that wild animals contain more creatine than domestic animals, around the year 1847.

For like half a century, more scientists began expanding the research about creatine, and with the invention of nice laboratories in the 1950s, scientists believed that creatine could build muscles and increase the human body’s performance.

All this time, experiments were only done on animals until it was in the 1990s when creatine was introduced to the public. As of now, creatine is used as a supplement to enhance the performance of athletes in a harmless and effective manner.

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