Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a new name in today’s entertainment world. In fact, he has been in multiple appearances as an actor, author, bodybuilder, governor, and promoter.

After Joe Gold’s gym was established in 1976, Arnold was able to make it famous by 1977. His name skyrocketed following the release of the iconic bodybuilding documentary, Pumping Iron, in 1979.

It is during this time that Arnold did an advertisement on television about Vic Tanny’s gym, where he advised viewers on how to gain the bodies they desire. Surprisingly, Vic Tanny’s gym had already lost its value in the fitness world by 1977. This is due to financial strategies that appeared shady and failure to pay U.S. government taxes.

But why did Arnold still choose to do this advertisement in 1977? After the discovery of Vic Tanny’s shady behaviors, the owner, Tanny, filed for bankruptcy in 1961. But when Arnold got associated with Vic Tanny’s gym, most of the gym’s franchises continued operating using Arnold’s brand. Therefore, Arnold probably agreed to do the advertisement due to these franchises that operated in his name.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Vic Tanny’s gym was still receiving money due to their relationship with Arnold, even after Tanny died in 1985.

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