9 Ways Bodybuilding Improves Your Life

On June 5, 2016 by Physical Culturist


Like just about anything worth accomplishing in life, building a great body requires discipline, hard work and a focused mind. Remember the first time you tried bench pressing?

You probably had big plans to move some serious weight – only to struggle to even do a single rep at 135.

At that point benching 1.5x your bodyweight probably seemed impossible – but over time you constantly improve on your PR until one day you are banging out reps at 225 like it’s nothing.

A lot of guys think bodybuilding is a waste of time because it only builds muscle which isn’t practical.

That couldn’t be further from the truth – while bodybuilding will certainly improve your physique it will also enhance your life in numerous other ways.

For this article we are going to focus on those other benefits you can expect from following a steady resistance training program.

Here are 9 ways bodybuilding improves your life.

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