The Benefits of Squat Pooping

On May 2, 2013 by Physical Culturist

Squat Pooping Benefits

Squatting Just Ain’t for Exercise Anymore!
Pooping in the squatting position improves elimination!

Warning: Do not stand on your toilet when squat pooping. You risk breaking the toilet, and the cracked ceramic can end up injuring you! Prompt for safer methods such as using a stool (no pun intended haha) to elevate the legs, as seen in the graphic below:

squat pooping with a stool

Squatting for better elimination is indeed true, with the squat posture recommended for good health and better cleansing. This has been a proven posture to facilitate better waste elimination from the body. Improper bowel movement leads to a lot of discomfort and conditions like constipation, etc which are mainly due to the sitting posture that most people adapt while defecating. The squatting position helps avoid such conditions. Health benefits of squat pooping include a healthy bowel movement, better colon-cleaning and faster elimination.

Another repulsive but common problem is the contamination of the small intestine due to improper posture maintenance while defecating. Such a condition is completely avoided if the individual adopts squatting to poop. Fecal stagnation occurs when a person defecates in the sitting posture, which is the primary cause for conditions like appendicitis, bowel inflammatory disease and such.

Biologically, the ‘squatting to poop’ position is more compatible for facilitating better elimination as the rectus muscle relaxes, facilitating elimination from the rectum. Improper postures like sitting while defecating might choke the rectum and render the elimination ineffective.

The other scientific aspect to squatting is that, in this posture, the colon is supported by the thighs, which prevents excessive strain, which when chronically exerted may lead to damaging conditions like diverticulitis, hernias, etc. In the case of pregnant women specifically, the squatting position takes away pressure from the uterus and prepare the body for the delivery posture, which is nearly similar to squatting.

Research has shown another of the health benefits of squat pooping to be an effective healing of and faster relief from conditions like hemorrhoids. The nerves in the pelvis, prostrate, uterus and the bladder are protected effectively while squatting and thus, the body’s functions are not disrupted; in fact, the functioning is made more efficient with the squatting position eliminating not just the waste, but also health complications!

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