VIDEO: Strength Training – It’s Never Too Late

On February 4, 2015 by Physical Culturist

Mrs Virginia Rizan does free weight training at Wichita Falls Athletic Club. At 91, she is still getting stronger.

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  • Jenny J

    Hi. I love your ideas for your website. I just have a serious problem with your inspirational posters for women page. When I go back to main page, after clicking on a picture of a poster, the poster I was just looking at is still covering most of the main page which makes it very difficult to shop for posters. I need to see the posters to buy them! I love your website, please make it easier to use.

    • Physical Culturist

      Hi Jenny. Thanks for your kind words and for your support! You can view the posters on this page as well. Let me know if this works better, and thank you in advance for supporting our page with your purchase! 🙂

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