THC For Muscle Recovery – Does It Work?

Muscle recovery is crucial to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, especially for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Undoubtedly, numerous methods and products are available to aid in muscle recovery. One emerging trend is the use of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, a compound found in the cannabis plant or CBD oil.
In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the potential benefits and risks of smoking cannabis using THC for muscle recovery. We’ll delineate its science and provide practical tips for those …

The Impact of Vaping and Working Out on Your Health

It is not a secret that vaping has become more popular as an alternative to traditional smoking. Vaping devices come with many different flavours and are often marketed as a healthier option, and many individuals who engage in physical fitness activities may wonder if it is safe to vape while working out.
Can you indulge in the habit of vaping and still achieve optimal performance during your workout sessions? Let’s find out by understanding the relationship between vaping and exercise.
Vaping vs. Smoking
Both vaping and smoking …

The Complete Story of Detox

Detox means getting rid of any impurities or toxins in your body. Every region in this world has its own belief and history about detox. Like when you look at China’s traditional medical practices, which include acupuncture and cupping. It is believed that these can allow energy to flow freely as well as treat COPD, pain, and insomnia.
India is no different with their detoxification practice including Ayurvedic medicine, which has a program known as Pancha Karma. Next, we have Turkey and Mongolia with their detox practice based on restricting certain diets. …

All You Need to Know About IIFYM Diet

In the past, physical culturists has a restrictive diet that included only canned tuna, rice, broccoli, grilled chicken, and egg white. This meant that fitness and bodybuilding were all about checking nutrients and calories whilst ignoring the need for flavorful foods. 
As time passed, these foods were replaced with macros, which meant that anyone was allowed to consume just anything as long as it suited their macros, though with specific amounts of calories.
Adopting IIFYM Diet
You can find the …

The Suicide Milo Barbell

Is the suicide Milo the thickest barbell of all time? To answer your question let me start off by telling you that the suicide Milo was first made popular by C.G. Pillay, who was a South African-based physical culturist. What is more fascinating is that the barbell had a 3” diameter in 1938, so it is probable that it is the thickest barbell to be ever used.
Strong men and women in the past usually appealed to an audience when they used strange or unknown equipment. Pillay was one of the very few people who had special access to the suicide Milo barbell. He made…

The Discovery of Creatine

It’s fascinating to see how many different researchers have studied muscle-building methods throughout history. Now, this is where creatine comes in, which is a compound that is found in the muscles of our bodies and also in the brain. Creatine is also found in red meat or seafood.
The first person to extract creatine from meat was a French scientist and philosopher, called Michel Eugene Chevreul, in the year 1832. Following this, he named the extract creatine, which is a Greek word that means meat.
From there …