Dorian Yates is an English bodybuilding expert who holds 6 titles from Mr. Olympia winnings. This made him dominate the world of bodybuilding in the 90s. Dorian’s training techniques were written by the late Peter McGough, who explained what Dorian did to snatch all his victories.

In case you do not know who Peter McGough was, then you will be surprised to know that he was the one who gave Dorian his nickname; The Shadow. McGough was among the most famed and authoritative bodybuilding journalists, who helped change the world of physical fitness.

Dorian’s workout was under the inspiration of Mike Mentzer and Aurther Jones, who used unique techniques of training. Typically, he had a routine of which activities to perform daily. This is what his schedule looked like:

Day 1

He worked on his delts using Smith machine presses, seated laterals, and one-arm cable laterals. After that, he concentrated on his traps using dumbbell shrugs then his triceps using triceps pushdowns, lying barbell extensions, and one-arm pushdowns. The last thing he improved on the first day was his abs where he used forward and reverse crunches.

Day 2

He trains his back using hammer-strength machine pulldowns, barbell rows, and cable rows. For his rear delts, he uses rear-delt hammer strength and bent-over dumbbell raises.

Day 3

Rest day.

Day 4

Dorian improved the performance of his chest using incline barbell presses, hammer strength bench presses, and more, before improving his biceps and abs.

Day 5

Rest day.

Day 6

He trains his quads using leg extensions, leg presses, and more. For the hams, he uses lying leg curls, single leg curls, and more. For the calves, he uses standing and seated calf raises.

Day 7

Rest day.

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