Oftentimes, music has had a connection with various sporting activities even in the past. This is because music can liven up the mood when cheering for the team you like and also while celebrating after a win.

The Relationship Between Music and Sports in the Old Days

It was on 25th March 1896 when the first Olympic hymn was performed by Spyridon Samaras before it was written as a poem by Kostis Palamas. For this reason, music has played a major role in sports ever since the time of ancient Greece.

The connection between music and football could also be seen even in the 1800s and 1900s, with the evidence being in the British Newspaper Archives. In the 1800s, it was discovered that fans used to write songs, and then submit them to the newspapers for other fans to adopt or criticize them.

As music halls became more popular in the 1920s, sporting songs were sung as entertainment, to the point fans adopted these music hall songs to use in their clubs.

Music for Workouts

Apart from celebrating or cheering for teams, music can also be used for workout purposes. This is because music brings relaxation, creativity, and inspiration. Therefore, whether you are an athlete or not it is essential to add music to your workout routine since it will increase your adrenaline and provide you with happy hormones, especially when engaging in tiresome cardio sessions.

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