Ancient Greece always remained at the forefront of physical fitness due to the fact they recognized it as a means of achieving mental health. Interestingly, when the modern concept of physical fitness evolved, Australia did not follow pace, instead remaining committed to the views of ancient Greece.

In 1979, Nigel Champion, who was a sports educator, established the first Health Studio Attendants course. After two decades, Nigel introduced 5 other courses and formed the Australian Institute of Fitness (AIF). Currently, AIF is one of the largest training facilities in Australia that still believes in the power of physical fitness.

Gymnastics in Australia

The fitness world in Australia may have begun to show some development in the 20th century, but there were still other sports that began a long time ago. 

In the 1840s, gymnastics were still a big thing in Australia with numerous advertisements being showcased in daily reports and newspapers. With time, colleges in Australia were beginning to offer gymnastics courses for anyone who wanted to become an instructor.

This is probably what has shaped the gymnastics world in today’s Australia, which is evident from their victorious success after every national or international competition. Moreover, there exists a fitness plan that can fit just about anyone in the world.

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